Want to implement our Digital Loyalty Solution?



Implement our Digital Loyalty omnichannel solution and take advantage of our business model, know-how and more than 3-years-experience in developing and implementing the solution in many different retailers and countries. A very efficient customer loyalty solution for retailers and very shopper convenient as well. Easy to implement and no initial investment needed. We offer an attractive business model based on the success of our digital channels.

If your company is involved into the retail sector, it has good connections with the main retailers and it has the right people to commercialize and locally implement our solution, it is the ideal partner we are looking for.


What do we offer?

  • Business model based on the solution success.
  • No initial investment needed.
  • Good conditions for piloting the solution.
  • Local commercialization support.
  • Our Digital Loyalty Solution can be personalized based on local needs and requirements.
  • Easy-to-integrate omnichannel solution with APIs and SDKs.
  • Hardware can be bought through our certified providers network.
  • Bug-free software with continuous upgrades.
  • Experience and know-how in customer loyalty, digital solutions and CRM.
  • Benchmarks with other implementations.
  • Partner advantages

  • Optimized customer loyalty solution for digital channels and CRM use.
  • Speed on the solution implementation (our solution is already developed and validated).
  • Minimize your strategic and implementation errors thanks to our experience and know-how.
  • Minimize your running costs and initial investments.
  • Validated business model.
  • Full access to our international partner network, new developments and best practices.
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