Caprabo, a Spanish leading supermarket company part of Eroski Group, was founded in Barcelona in 1959. It runs 360 supermarkets located in urban areas of Catalonia, Madrid and Navarra, and more than 300.000 people visit Caprabo supermarkets every day.
Caprabo provides a wide range of products and combines its own saving brand with one of the widest range of manufacturer brands in the market.
Its Loyalty Club, named Miclubcaprabo, was one of the first loyalty programs launched in Spain and it has more than 1.3 million active customers.







Caprabo committed to offer to its customers a totally different shopping experience in the Spanish market that helped to maximize its Loyalty Program, specially the redemption of discount coupons. Being one of the most innovative retail companies, Caprabo relied on Good Deal’s knowledge of shoppers and market to think up a new solution.



The solution was The Coupons Machine: an easy-to-use interactive kiosk located in the entrance of the supermarket that delivers targeted coupons to shoppers according to their shopping habits.
The solution is based on an eye-catching kiosk that houses a touchscreen, a barcode and QR code scanner, a thermal printer and a PC. On the software side, the Coupons Machine Solution integrates the Good Deal Kiosk Software to select and print coupons, and the Good Deal Platform Software to manage the promotional campaigns and content of the kiosk network.







Thanks to the solution provided by Good Deal, Caprabo achieved the following goals:

  • Increase loyalty of those shoppers who use the kiosk.
  • Increase sales of those supermarkets with kiosk due to a better use of promotions.

Since the implementation of the first kiosk in August 2010, Caprabo realized about a new and efficient channel to drive promotions and an excellent communication channel with its customers.
After the success of the first stage of the project, Caprabo decided to integrate the kiosk as a key element in their loyalty program. We expect Caprabo to end 2013 with more than 160 kiosks.