Good Deal, a Barcelona-based company founded in 2010, has a multidisciplinary team of experts in Marketing and Trade Marketing, CRM and Computer Science Engineers. Good Deal was created to solve a very common problem experienced by the vast majority of supermarkets customers enrolled in their Loyalty Program. It was frequent that, when we wanted to use the discount coupons given at the checkout or sent at home, the coupons had been usually forgotten, lost or just expired. To solve this disadvantage of the Loyalty Program, we invented a new way to have always available the discount coupons in the supermarket: an easy-to-use interactive kiosk located at the entrance of the supermarkets that delivers personalized discount coupons according to our shopping habits.

We innovated and invented a robust and eye-catching coupons kiosk to be located at the entrance of supermarkets, developed the Kiosk Software to deliver personalized discount coupons and developed an Omnichannel Platform to manage promotions and be able to deliver the right promotion, to the right shopper, at the right time and at the right channel. As a complementary tool to our Digital Loyalty solution, we developed an easy-to-use and pragmatic CRM Software to personalize Loyalty Program promotions based on shopper shopping habits and other predefined segmentation strategies.

Kiosk users refers to the kiosk as “The Coupons Machine” and it has become an easy, fast and convenient way to maximize the shopping experience and coupons usage and save money in every purchase. Thanks to the coupons kiosk, supermarkets have improved their Loyalty Program results, multiplied discount coupon redemption by 4 and generated up to 10,000 euro additional monthly sales per store. A solution that generates a triple benefit for retailers, shoppers and manufacturers.

Our Digital Loyalty solution and Omnichannel Platform have evolved with the introduction of new digital channels developed by us, such as an specific APP and website that give us access to our personalized promotions. Through these digital channels, we can also manage our shopping list and look for the supermarket promotions that match the products of our list. New functionalities, on top of discount coupons, that can strengthen retailer’s Loyalty Program.

As of today, Good Deal is expanding internationally and broadening its partner network to implement the Digital Loyalty Solution in other countries.


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